Pan-Am Pitches


The Pan-Am games is an event that provides an abundance of unique stories. An international event on this magnitude attracts viewers from all over the world, and the stories available reflect just how big of a stage it really is.

I happen to be one of the very fortunate few who get to work for the Pan-Am games. As part of the Torch Relay team with the Pan-Am games, I will be assisting in communications for the Torch Relay itself.

As mentioned, there are many possible stories to be pitched regarding an event of this stature.

One possible example would be pitching a story to a national media source highlighting several of the prominent torchbearers selected for the event. The torchbearers have not been released at this point in time, but when they are it would make for a great story. Several of the torchbearers will likely be high profile athletes or celebrities, and a great article could be produced showcasing some of these people. The best source for a story of this nature would be a national media source, such as a high profile news station or a well covered newspaper such as the Globe and Mail. The pitch would need to be strong to reach such a high profile news station, but is certainly achievable with this type of story.

Another interesting idea for the Torch Relay to pitch would be the positive impact the relay has on the various communities it touches. This could be done on a more local level, possibly in a Toronto Star story which looks at some of the communities along the route. Being able to show some of the positive impacts the relay has on Canada and more specifically, Ontario, would generate good feelings among Canadians toward the event.

Finally, the Toronto 2015 group could pitch a story to a local community highlighting one of their particular torchbearers. Approaching a community with a torchbearer that has a unique story in their past could bring attention to a community that otherwise may fly under the radar.

Regardless of the choice, the number of stories available for this event is infinite. However, the focus needs to remain on ensuring the event generates positives stories, not negative ones.


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