A new spin


Many stories have other stories within them that are waiting to be told. It’s very hard to tell a story in completion in one piece, and often times many new stories can be created off of a previously existing one.

Take this ESPN story for example. This is an article written about NFL player Ndamukong Suh (Barnwell, 2015). Suh is a free agent this season, and it is rumoured he will sign with the Miami Dolphins. The writer, Bill Barnwell, discusses how the contract will ultimately be a negative for the Dolphins in the long run. While Suh is the undisputed best free agent on the market, his contract will be enormous and will hinder their ability to sign players moving forward.

This article is pretty straight forward, but several new articles could be crafted based on some of the information touched on in this article.

One example could be on high-profile free agent signings that have hindered teams in the past. In sports this happens all too frequently, and would make for a compelling piece (although one I’m sure has been touched on in the past). Many players such as NBA star Amare Stoudemire, NHLer Alexei Yashin, and MLB outfield Josh Hamilton, have crippled franchises in the past with deals they signed, and this could make for an interesting story.

Another spin that could be taken on the story would be impact free agency has on the development of teams. In one offseason a team can go from contender to pretender, and vice versa, simply from the movement of free agents. Certain teams can’t afford to pay their stars and lose them, while big money teams can often get themselves back into contention by signing one or two big name players. It’s a disturbing trend in sports, and could certain make for a compelling story with some further investigation.

Lastly, an interesting angle on this story could be to examine the evolution of player contracts in sports over the past several decades. Several years back teams as a whole wouldn’t spend the amount Suh is going to be paid, so it’s truly remarkable to way contracts have changed. Looking at this, and how it has affected each sport and the level of competition could make for a fascinating insight into the way the leagues have changed.

What this article shows, like any other article, is that the number of stories relating to one particular story are endless.


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