Practice Makes Perfect; What I’ve Learned in Loyalist PR

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect is a phrase I’ve heard over and over throughout the years. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand, but understanding and application are two very different things.

I’ve always been one who tackled programs as they arrived. I often live by the motto of “I’ll figure it out”, or “it’ll all work out”, but sometimes that’s simply not an option.

That’s what the Loyalist PR program has taught me, the importance of practice.

We’ve been given a great opportunity to get some real and practical hands-on experience, and actually practice what we are being taught. This is an opportunity not always afforded to you as a university student, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of it.

When I enter the professional workplace, I don’t want to be someone who seems unprepared. If I’m asked to do a news release, I want to nail it first try. Need a media advisory done? “No problem, I’ve done plenty of those”.

I want to kick off my career with not only a plethora of skills, but the practice to back them up as well. It’s nice to have the skills to do something, but without the confidence to execute the task in a real-time environment, you’ll likely fail.

That’s where the practice comes in. Whether you want to refer back to your previous work for a template, or just use the memory of your past success, knowing you’ve done it before comes in handy.

It’s as simple as this; the more you do something, the better you’ll be at it. That’s a lesson I’ve learned in Loyalist PR.


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