What I learned from Leona Hobbs

Leona Hobbs was one of the most impressive guest speakers we came across this year in Loyalist PR. She was very confident, very intellectual, and seemed like someone who knows how to be successful.

One of the things that impressed me the most was the way she commanded the room. By no means was she a brilliant public speaker from a technical perspective. But it didn’t matter, because she was confident and knew her material, and it made her incredibly easy to listen to. You could tell right from the beginning she knew what she was talking about, and it forced me a listener to pay attention.

I learned three main things from her presentation that have stuck with me.

The first, is to know your worth as a PR professional. Not necessarily the actually measurement of worth, but to figure out what you can offer and to demand that from the marketplace. If you think you are worth a certain amount, don’t settle for less. At the same time, you need to make sure you perform to that level. That resonated strongly with me.

I also learned how much there really is to learn about Public Relations. Each aspect Leona taught us about was very in-depth, and she told us she could’ve gave an entire class on each slide. In those few hours alone we were privy to an abundance of information, but it was only the initial layer. It just shows how much information is truly out there for our benefit.

Lastly, I learned that presentations can be made easy by having a strong grasp on the information. As mentioned earlier, Leona had no trouble presenting for an entire day for us. Right from the beginning she seemed on point. That is something to be able to do in the future. If you know your material it makes presenting far easier.


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