2014 Super Bowl Media Kit

As one would probably expect, the NFL created a solid media kit for this past year’s edition of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the arguably the biggest sporting event of the year in North America, so it’s crucial for NFL to nail all aspects of the event. This includes their media kit.

Coverage for this event is enormous, so the media needs to be properly informed. This particular media kit includes all the components necessary. It begins with a news release, follows with a fact sheet, and has more than enough background information included in the remainder of the kit.

The news release, the most important piece in this instance, is well done. The first sentence is strong, as it mentions how it is the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl in league history. This was one of the main talking points of the event, and the NFL addresses it right away.

The remainder of the release touches on all of the important talking points, while keeping it concise. They discuss the new features to the event, and acknowledge that it will be the most interactive Super Bowl game to date.

With the Super Bowl taking place at a different venue each year, they are sure to discuss the particular features of MetLife Stadium.

The fact sheet in equally well done. It is very informative, as well as well organized. It offers facts on the accommodations, the concessions, and MetLife Stadium too. Each of these sets of data are important to publish, because each play a critical role in the experience a fan can expect should they attend or view the game.

The remainder of the media kit discusses the green initiatives surrounding the event, a good idea on their part. Corporate Social Responsibility is a very trendy topic these days, so addressing this in the media kit is a good preemptive move. They give stats on their CSR, such as the amount of backfill they reduce. They also talk about how well they recycle.

Each of these aspects of the media kit are done very well. But really it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. The NFL is often on point with these type of things, and this is just another example.



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