Loblaw Corporate Social Responsibility Report


As a giant in the grocery industry, Loblaw is in the public eye with their initiatives. How they act publicly, how they operate, and their product are all scrutinized highly, so they need to be performing well. Corporate social responsibility is no exception in this case, especially for a brand in the food industry.

This can either become a competitive edge, or a competitive disadvantage. It all depends how they are viewed in the public lens. If they perform admirably in terms of CSR, they are likely to drive business and increase sales. If they don’t meet the CSR requirements, it could potentially cripple the brand.

Luckily for Loblaw, their CSR report published in 2012 is both satisfactory in terms of the content, and easy to view for the general consumer. The report is easy to view, as it takes the reader through a tour of one of their stores, presenting facts along the way about their CSR accomplishments. You can click on the pharmaceutical department and see they have added 22 dieticians, or click on their delivery trucks and see they have installed fleet tracking devices to reduce carbon footprint.

What a great idea on their part. My initial reaction within 30 seconds of viewing the page was that I was impressed. There was no convolution of confusing facts or lingo, but rather an easy to operate system for the viewer. Right away this makes a good impression.

They also offer facts. Lots and lots of facts. Which is another huge plus for the casual observer. It makes reading the information very easy. With attached visuals, it’s easy to come away with good feeling toward Loblaw and their objectives toward Corporate Social Responsibility.

Being in the grocery industry, it is crucial for Loblaw to maintain this CSR moving forward. The focus on being environmentally friendly is growing with each passing year, and those not with the movement will find their brand falling by the wayside. Loblaw seems to have a good grasp on this, and is positioning the brand well in this regard.

The way the webpage is set up also shows how the organization is aware of what a consumer wants. People don’t want to have to work hard to find the information they seek. That’s just the way the world has become. Loblaw has recognized this and makes their CSR report very user friendly.


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