Molson Canadian Brand Journalism

This style of video accomplishes the goals of brand journalism very effectively. It is a heartwarming video that makes you develop goodwill toward the product, without even necessarily knowing it is happening.

Personally, aside from the red colours, I didn’t even recognize the product associated with the video until over halfway through. This makes it an effective way of having the viewer not feel like they are having the product forced upon them, but rather the story behind the video is the primary focus.

The story revolves around two friends brining a beer fridge to their friend who lives across the world. It showcases the long journey they have, and the people they encounter, just to help their friend out. After a long journey they find their friend, and share a heartwarming moment together.

The tone of the story and the unique visuals capture the viewers attention, unknowingly creating good feelings toward the Molson brand. The video strongly caters to Canadian viewers, primarily beer drinkers. The Canadian jersey the one man wears and the mentioning of hockey are all meant to hit home with any Canadians who view this video in any context. Beyond that, anyone who can relate to the story is being targeted as well.

Basically the goal of the video is to have Canadians and others who can relate to the video feeling emotional over the story and to subconsciously associate the Molson brand with that good feeling.


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