The worst grammar error EVER

Without question the most annoying grammar mistake I find is when people say “I could care less”.

People normally use this phrase when describing something they do not care about. What they mean to say is “I couldn’t care less”, however for some reason the inverse has become commonplace.

Saying that you “couldn’t care less”, clearly means exactly what it says. Saying that you “could care less” means that you have some level or care, or else you wouldn’t be able to care any less.

It happens far too frequently. I would go as far as saying the majority of people don’t even realize the correct usage of the term. Baffling.

Even worse, you hear people in prominent positions using this term incorrectly. Grammar mistakes should not occur in general, let alone people in high standing.

Figure it out people. It’s basic logic. You wouldn’t say “I shouldn’t do that” while meaning that you should in fact do something, so why is there an exception here?

Maybe I am being picky, but I don’t care. The madness has gone on for far too long and it’s time to stop.

Does it bother you when I point this out? So what, I couldn’t care less.


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