M8.2 YouTube Creative Assignment

Throughout the Comm2F00 I had many unique experiences that I had never experienced before. I tried many new things, learned more about my creative side, and became better than ever at operating and understanding new media. 

Throughout the course, I tried many new things I had never experienced before. For each assignment, I was tasked with operating a new media outlet I had never tried before. I was very inexperienced with Twitter, and had zero experience whatsoever with any of the other sites. This was a very fun aspect of this course for me, as I got to try out some new avenues for expressing myself that I likely never would have otherwise. For example, using Pinterest and GetGlue were cool things to try. I had zero understanding of these sites before, and after doing the site was very fascinated by them.

I also got more in touch with my creative side than ever before. Considering all of these sites require some creativity in their posts, it was fun to explore ways to show a thought using just images or video. 

Another aspect I greatly enjoyed was how much better I got at all forms of new media throughout my learnings in the course. I have realized the appropriate way to operate new media sources, and have learned what to post and what not to post. I know better how to construct what I am trying to say, and have figured out new ways to show what I am trying to say and how to communicate my thoughts. 

In terms of the benefits and constraints of New Media, i think that it has definitely made the world a better place, however there are certain aspects that people need to be careful about. New media has opened up so many new avenues for expression that it has made the world a better place to explore who you are as a person. Furthermore, information is more readily accessible on the internet than ever before. When looking to find out breaking news on anything, all one has to do is simply search the word on any new media site and the most recent updates on the subject will appear.

Despite this, new media has definitely created some constraints. Privacy is basically non-existent if you are a user of new media, a definite detractor of new media. Once anything is posted on the internet, it is basically there forever, so people who want to share their ideas and thoughts need to be aware of this. 

In conclusion, my experience in this course was definitely a good one. I learned so much about new media, and will be taking many of the lessons I have learned for the future. 

Here is the link for my YouTube video, followed by the transcript.

Hello, my name is Eric Dowdall and this video is about everything I have learned about new media through CommF200. Coming into this course, the only new media I was active on was basically Facebook, and using Twitter on a very rare basis. Beyond that, I had experienced very little about new media, so I thought the course would be interesting to help me become me adept in the world of new media. As it turns out, I learned quite a bit about new media, including using some websites that I never thought I would ever be on in the first place, let alone creating posts that everyone could see. Despite, this I am glad that I got to go on these sites, because I was able to experience some interesting forms of new media, and truly get an appreciation for how many cool forms of new media there are out there.


In terms of what I learned about new media through this course, the first would be that new media is everywhere. Basically any type of interest you have in life, there is some form of new media outlet for it. Whether it be GetGlue for TV fans, or things like SlideShare where you can be expressive, there is so many different ways to utilize new media.


Secondly, I learned that once you put something out there using new media, it is there forever. People need to be careful about what they post and ensure they are ready for people to see whatever it is they are posting. If you are not 100 percent sure you want to post something, then you shouldn’t post it at all, because that is how you can get yourself in big trouble.


Lastly, I learned that new media is a truly great way to express yourself. You can be some creative with new media, and truly show the artistic side of yourself. Sites such as pinterest allow you to share your ideas and thoughts in a truly unique way, which is very cool for people with interests in that area. Even more than that, you can share it so quickly, and anything you want to post is pretty much instantaneous. For this reason, new media can be a great source of information, as sites like pinterest or twitter can provide different forms of thoughts or ideas, and even news in general, which I guess applies more so to twitter.


So those are three things I have learned, although there are many more lessons and takeaways from this course that I will be using in the future. In fact, this is actually my first ever Youtube video, so I am still learning in this very moment.


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