M7.1 Guiding Questions

The introduction of social media has brought many new opportunities in various areas, and citizen journalism and social activism certainly both fall into that same category. People are know able to express their views, whatever they may be, in so many different platforms that it is nearly impossible to deny anyone the ability to speak their mind freely. 

In terms of citizen journalism, that is something that is more prominent now than every before in the social media age. Anyone who has any desire to speak their mind is able to do so with incredible ease. Whether it be platforms such as WordPress where people can craft their own blogs, or even Twitter and Facebook, people can express their views and present their thoughts. While sites with blogging options such as WordPress more accurately reflect “journalism”, even simply submitting a thought or view on Twitter is a form of journalism in it’s own right. 

What people choose to express in these forms of journalism is up to them, and it can vary drastically from person to person. Some people use it as a way to express their views for their own benefit, some do it for the viewings of others, while others have more admirable initiatives such as social activism. 

Social activism can come in many different forms, and social media use is no exception. With the ability to express ourselves to a wide audience in almost no time whatsoever, people with initiatives in this area can utilize social media greatly to their benefit. Whether it be promoting a good cause, posting links to issues supporting social activism, and simply just posting their own thoughts and concerns in this area, there is no end to the reach of people with these goals. 

On a personal level, these new opportunities certainly encourage me to participate in these areas more than in the past. While I have never been much of a social activist, I am certainly more encouraged to express my views in terms of citizen journalism. As a journalist for the Brock Press, journalism is clearly an area in which I have interest, and the social media age has made that much easier than ever before. 

Sometimes I will post articles of my own on social media, getting more exposure than in traditional settings. Other times I will simply scan Twitter or other social media outlets looking for the most updated news, primarily in the sporting world. With the speed in which information travels in social media, it makes it extremely easy and quick to keep up to date on others journalism as well. 

In conclusion, I truly believe that social media has bettered the world, primarily in the these areas. Being able to get as much information as possible out about good causes in social activism is a benefit that cannot be overlooked, and is something that has benefited the world greatly. On a more personal level, as a journalist and a fan of journalism, social media has revolutionized this aspect for the greater. 

Eric Dowdall


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