Above is the link to my slideshare presentation on Mac Miller

Listening to music is something I very frequently do online. It is a good way to pass the time in many situations, and for instances where you cannot access your iTunes library or any of your own music it can be good for listening to some new music.

The avenues I most frequently use for doing this are using YouTube itself, or other times I will use Songza. Of the two ways, Songza is the one I most prefer, although YouTube is good as well. The reason I prefer Songza is for two main reasons. The first reason is that it offers continuous playlists, allowing you to let is continuously play without having to switch back and forth to select new songs. Although it is possible to get longer playlists on YouTube, they are usually poorly put together compared to Songza and thus are worse in my opinion.

The second reason I prefer Songza over YouTube and most other online music outlets is that is provides a very extensive and easy to use method of selecting the desired playlists. When you enter the site you can select your mood, time of day etc., among other things, which will guide you to particular playlists suitable to your requests. For example if you select that you are looking for relaxing music, or some new music, then it will set you up with a playlist to accurately meet this requirements. Related to this, it also provides you with an opportunity to hear some new music or different genres, which is a good way to broaden your horizons in terms of the music industry.

Websites like this have changed the music industry for this exact reason. Artists and genres not known to the general public are able to gain exposure through these outlets. Whether it be discovering a new song you like on the Songza playlist, or looking at a related video from the YouTube channel, there is always new music and new artists waiting to be discovered. 


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