M5.2 Get Glue Creative Assignment

Here is the link to my GetGlue account. http://getglue.com/ed10je

GetGlue is a very cool social media site in my opinion. I had never heard of it before this assignment, and it’s definitely something that I could see myself getting more involved with in the future. It is such a cool way to engage with others who are watching similar programs or movies, and it gives you a way to discuss predictions, post-show thoughts, and other stuff relating to the program that you are watching. 

I made several check ins to GetGlue, and will probably continue to do so even after the conclusion of this assignment. I wish I would’ve discovered this website earlier as I found it very interested to be able to see other’s thoughts on certain shows that I am interested in, and even some others than I am not as interested in. 

One of the first moments where I noticed this was a cool site was when I got a notification that someone had replied to one of my posts regarding the Royal Rumble wrestling pay-per-view. I posted my initial thoughts on the main event, and soon after a complete stranger posted a reply. Once I recognized that someone had replied to me, myself and another individual both responded stating our thoughts both on the original comment and the reply. I then followed the individual, but unfortunately did not receive a follow back….

Anyway, in terms of the value of providing a site like GetGlue, I think there are many different benefits. First and foremost, it gives people a way to interact with others on shows they find interesting. For some people, they may not know people in person who share the same interests in terms of movies or television, however on this site you can always find people to engage with or discuss shows you find entertaining. 

Secondly, it allows people to become more engaged in a show or movie they are a fan of, beyond just simply watching the show. A fan of a show can discuss aspects of the show, predictions for future events or stories, and even post analysis or comments on an episodes that just happened. This can be both a good and a bad thing, as it gives people a chance to vent frustrations or expel joy for an episode or event, however sometimes people can take this right a bit too fair. However, in the grand scheme, having this option is good, especially for the “hardcore” fans of certain shows who want to continue to interact beyond this one or two weekly episodes. 

Another value of a website like GetGlue is the exposure it provides for TV shows. This is good for both the TV shows themselves and also for the viewers. For the viewers, it offers them a chance to she shows that are similar or even completely new shows that they can possibly begin watching. If not for sites like this, people may not ever be exposed to shows that they may possibly enjoy or become big fans of, which is a huge benefit. 

This also benefits the TV shows and the companies that broadcast them as well, as it gives exposure of their show to a wider audience, creating the possibility for more viewers. By people commenting on certain shows others can take notice and possibly garner some interest they other may not have had. This benefits everyone, as it creates a larger viewing audience, gives people more shows to watch, and a wider range of viewers.

GetGlue is a fantastic avenue for the online community, especially surrounding pop culture. Everyone likes to discuss their interests, and what better way to do so than online with people from all over the world. It builds the online community because people are able to post their thoughts on certain programs, ranging from predictions to conspiracy theories, etc. This can help build the Pop Culture genre as people continue to discuss shows and movies long after their initial airing. 

For example, a movie such as Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This movie was widely acclaimed both critically and publicly, and people’s opinions on it have been very interesting. With a twist ending to the movie, a site like this offers people and avenue to discuss theories and thoughts on the ending, thus keeping the movie alive long past its initial release date. Furthermore, older movies in the Pop Culture genre are able to live longer lives as people can catch wind of them on a site like GetGlue. People scanning pages of various people or movies can see suggestions or take notice of other similar movies, thus being aware of a movie or show that was long before their time. 

In general, sites like GetGlue are very innovative and very important on the social media landscape. I could see this site growing in the future, and it has definitely gained a future member in myself moving forward. 



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