M3.2 Pinterest Board Summary

It was quite different doing my first ever work on the Pinterest, as I had never even visited the site before let alone created a board or anything of that sort. It was quite easy to use though, and I found the assignment quite interesting (no pun intended). 

The message I tried to deliver with my board, was that of the evolution we have witness and continue to a part of with the information age being upon us. With all of the changes we have endured since the beginning of the information age, our lives have changed dramatically before for the good and for the bad.

Each image that I posted had its own direct meaning, some obvious based on the picture, and others with a more indirect meaning. I included images such as a globe to represent the global nature of our lives now, and how information is able to be shared across the entire word in a single instant. 

Some other images I included were ones that represented certain ideas I had regarding the information age such as surveillance, privacy, and others. For these images I attempted to convey the message by showing it in a way that made the meaning clear, but encouraging the reader to use their own mind to think of their own meaning for it as well. 

I tried to include as many different ways of expressing my message as possibly. The idea of the assignment was to convey a message, and I thought that I would try and cover as many possible ways of presenting my thought as possible. 

When thinking of the idea of how the information age has changed our role as humans, I tried to think of prominent ways through various words and images that came to my mind. Whenever a word popped into my head, I tried to think of the best way to convey this thought or word to the reader.

With the board being the first I have ever created, I thought I did a decent job conveying my message, however any future board I do will surely improve as I learn better ways to utilize the site and it’s tools. 

My pinterest board can be viewed at this link. http://www.pinterest.com/ed10je/what-does-it-mean-to-be-human-in-the-information-a/


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