Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog. Ever. Yes thats right I have never wrote a blog before in my entire life. Which I guess is the purpose of this course in a way, for people like me to learn more about these new types of media.

As a 22 year old I am quite familiar with new media, however it is always something people like myself can look to improve on. I have been using new media for several years, beginning with getting facebook in the early parts of highs school. I was always someone who took longer than most others to not only get the newest types of new media, but also to get more familiar with it. I was one of the last of my friends in high school to get facebook, then only got twitter as recently as last year. Despite taking longer than most to get these new types of media, I have enjoyed my usage of them and will continue to embrace new media in the future.

For those of you interested in knowing, I am in sport management and am in my fourth year. I grew up near Belleville, Ontario, and moved to St. Catharines when I started at Brock. I enjoy watching literally every sport there is, and also tend to bet on it occasionally. I played hockey growing up but not at a very high level, and also golfed and played several other sports during high school.

In terms of this course, I am interested in increasing my familiarity and knowledge in new media. As stated earlier I engage in lots of new media daily, and my interests lay mostly in reading up on sports and following some of my favourite celebrities. Some of the ones I follow include my favourite athletes such as LeBron James, Tiger Woods, among others. Beyond that I like to follow some accounts of news outlets for sports such as ESPN, Adam Schefter (NFL analyst), and other prominent media personnel.

I would like to wrap up this first blog by stating that I hope to gain lots of experience from this course to both further my skills in new media, but also improve my interactions with others. Thanks for reading.


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